District Doors

Your Doorway to History

Experience Georgetown in a Whole New Way

Welcome to District Doors, a mobile experience that opens the door to Georgetown’s storied past. Its rich history has, been hiding in plain sight until now. Are you ready to travel back in time?

District Doors provides a virtual doorway from the present day to 19th century Georgetown -- all through your iPhone. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, users can see, hear, and move through Georgetown in 1894.

As you wander along the canal looking through the District Doors app, you’ll experience places and spaces you’ve frequented in a whole new way. While immersed in the District Doors experience, take time to explore the thriving business of the Pioneer Flour Mill as it was before the turn of the century, pick up a copy of the Washington Times paper from nearly 125 years ago, and venture down the storied cobblestones of Georgetown greeting people along the way. Turn your iPhone into a time machine with District Doors, brought to you by Fastrope Labs.

Take a Walk Through History

The District Doors experience spans nearly 20,000 square feet along Georgetown’s canal. On your augmented reality tour of 1894 Georgetown, keep your eyes peeled for dozens of embedded interactive moments like this… and more

How to Time Travel


Download the District Doors app from the App Store


Travel to Pioneer Flour Mill: 1052 Paper Mill Court. Washington, DC 20007. Make sure your battery is fully charged (so your experience isn’t cut short!)

Find the Door

Open the District Doors app and follow the in-app map to the door icon (you’ll need to be precise, but it’ll guide you once you’re close)


Position the anchoring point so it aligns with the second tree closest to the bridge. A door will appear. Move forward to go through the door and travel back in time

Meet the Technology and Team Behind
District Doors

District Doors is a passion project of Fastrope Labs, a product brain trust that advises and develops solutions for leading brands and high growth startups. This project reflects our passion for building leading-edge, user-oriented products for our clients, but in perfecting the process required to bring new ideas to life.

We used three of the industry’s leading tools and a standard development workflow: We built in Unity to ensure we could have the most powerful graphics engine possible; then, we built the scenes of our 1894 world in Blender; and brought all the pieces together using the power of ARKIT.

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